Garry Merry

Twist Bioscience


Garry Merry is Executive Director of Commercial Operations at Twist Bioscience. A veteran in the field of protein engineering and analysis, Garry has held executive management positions at Beckman Instruments, Applied Biosystems, Millipore, MWG-Biotech and Qiagen. Garry is a founder of the Protein Society. He joined Twist in 2015 and has managed the commercial aspects of both the variant library and Biopharma businesses at Twist. His experience in the variant library and antibody discovery field began in 2007 when he joined Sloning Biotechnologies as an independent Business Development Consultant. In September 2010 having established Sloning as the preeminent supplier of variant libraries for antibody discovery, the company was acquired by Morphosis. From January 2011 until he joined Twist in May of 2015, Garry consulted for several different protein technology companies including Isogenica, Distributed Bio and Codexis.