Pitch Competition

Accelerating Start-ups by Design

Take a sneak peek at the six (6) SynBio start-ups selected to pitch for a cash prize at our National Pitch Competition, Accelerating Start-ups by Design during the 2022 Canada SynBio conference

Start-up pitch competition finalists​
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Naloomar uses their novel sensor technology to detect small molecules like drugs and metabolites at massive throughput down to single cells. This enabling technology will revolutionize small molecule detection, which is a critical bottle neck for both healthcare research and diagnostics.


Liven is an Ontario-based precision fermentation company making animal-free, functional protein ingredients to enable alt-protein foods to have equivalent nutrition and texture compared to their animal counterparts. The company is currently focusing on producing animal-free collagen. Liven is also developing technologies to use the food industry side stream as fermentation feedstock, to bring a circular economy in the food value chain, and to offer more economical solutions for proteins of the future.



Dispersa is an early-stage CleanTech startup transforming food waste into the most sustainable surfactants. The startup harnesses the power of microbes through its waste-to-value production process, to scale natural and affordable biosurfactants that can replace conventional petroleum or palm-based surfactants on the market. Dispersa's mission is to disrupt the surfactant industry in a circular manner with its waste-derived biosurfactants.



ALT TEX is a seed stage biomaterials startup, on a mission to replace synthetic textiles. Through their ALTernative TEXtile, patent-pending fermentation technology, ALT TEX takes one of the world’s largest landfill contributors – food waste – and re-engineers it into biodegradable and carbon neutral fabrics with polyester-like performance.



TerraPlant is a Toronto-based biotech startup in synthetic biology which has developed a proprietary plant-based production system that can be used to produce small molecules and proteins faster, cheaper and with greater scalability. The initial project is to build and validate a prototype for rare cannabinoid production.



While different polyphenols are found across the plant world, Canurta’s polyphenols are valuable due to their ability to eliminate inflammation at the source through dual inhibition of pro-inflammatory pathways. We are a pioneering company with patents pending on the extraction and biosynthesis of these novel hemp products. Canurta’s groundbreaking and high-performance ingredients can be used by brands as stand-alone or complementary ingredients in broader formulations for humans and animals.


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